What is Knowledge Based Training?

Do we know the real purpose of learning and getting vocational education? Of reality, it’s not just about knowing new stuff so we can just “know” more stuff. It is actually about becoming abler so that we can do more stuff. This means that knowledge and skills need to be learned. It is necessary to be conscious of this when considering training, since getting the knowledge is different from learning skills. And what’s more, it can be fascinating to discover how to incorporate your experience and those abilities.

GoDigital Presents KBT

Knowledge Based Training platform gives an opportunity to students all over the country to learn new skills (practical skills), and make use of them by earning readily after learning them. This platform strongly rejects the traditional typical concepts of cramming and rather focuses on practical learning. Trainers, who practically specialize in their fields will come to this platform to spread the knowledge that they have gained with their students. Again, the knowledge that they will be sharing will not be the typical bookish knowledge, but actually the practical work that they have done throughout their careers and the teachings that they have learned through their personal experiences. Students of any background with no prior experience of the particular subject can join in to get directly in touch with these practically experienced teachers and make use of the teachings that they will learn in their personal lives. They can turn those lessons into the means of earning for them and their families. It will open job opportunities for them, and hence will decrease the unemployment rate. In this era of technology, you can not rely on bookish knowledge unless you are a teacher (although that too needs practical experience). A student needs to require multiple skills and expertise in a specific skill. This can only be maintained if he/she gets the practical exposure of a certain subject and if they gain practical knowledge of it. No company is interested in the CGPA of their applicant, they need their work to be done on time with expertise. They don’t need to show off your marks to their customers, hence your mark sheets wouldn’t help you much in getting a job if you are not acquainted with the practical work.

The Vision Behind KBT

It has been noticed that although many students have been getting into schools and acing their academic careers. Be them intermediates, graduates or even masters in their academic career, they, unfortunately, get no value in the market. They are struggling to get good jobs, and most of them are settling with underpaid and odd jobs. This is not what they deserve. Although our system is pretty much annihilated, we are the ones who need to bring a change. We need to fight the crazy numbers of the unemployment rates. The main idea behind Knowledge Based Training is to actually make these students able enough to earn for themselves and their families.
This can only be done by making them “learn” things the practical way. This program is a platform that brings closer the students and experienced trainers, who together will make new opportunities and fight against the unemployment rates.

The Team Behind KBT

Knowledge Based Training consists of the trainer and the students who are brought together on a single platform. The students will get a golden opportunity to discover and learn the latest methods in the supervision of the trainers. We will ensure that all the training that is to be done on this platform will be 100% practical and free from traditional cramming exercises. Our aim is to fight unemployment and help students get to earn their livelihood in the quickest manner. The trainers at Knowledge Based Training are only professionals who have deep knowledge and experience in their specific fields. Our aim is to help every single person out there to make them practical workers so that the companies will hire them in the future.

KBT Courses

The courses at knowledge based training platform are not limited. We cover all the areas where a person can earn money after getting trained. We aim to train our students to make money on several other platforms like Amazon, eBay, SEO, SMO, eCommerce, etc

Following are the advantages of the courses mentioned


After taking the course on Amazon, the students will be able to sell their own private label products, publish their own books on Kindle Direct Publishing, sell wholesome goods, earn via blogging for Amazon, flip store-bought products with retail arbitrage, work from home as an Amazon rep, handcraft their own items to sell on Amazon through Amazon Handmade, trade in unwanted items with Amazon’s Trade-In program and offer their services through Amazon services.


Students will be able to sell their household items quickly on eBay and then graduate with a full-blown eBay career, uncover lots of insider tips, techniques and tactics that will allow them to be super-successful on eBay, learn how to use eBay the right way for optimum revenue, profits and earnings, and learn from experienced trainers little-known eBay “hacks.”


SEO is world-renowned for digital profit, and it is cost-free to start work online. Digital earning is the type of work a person earns by using the Internet and a computer to work from home. There are many ways to earn online nowadays, such as email marketing, website making, blogging, but the most reliable source is “SEO,” so you can make money by having the SEO skills and it’s such an easy thing that does not require specialization and degrees. Anyone who has a basic understanding of English and computers can start.


SMO is suitable for executives, business owners and marketing professionals and provides clear and actionable advice on how a social media strategy can be developed. It provides you with a clear and detailed guide to building a presence in social media on the most important social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. You need to understand how social media analytics works to achieve impressive results in it and this course can help you to do so.


This course focuses on allowing trainees to learn and understand basic skills in setting up and running end-to-end online stores like brand niche choice, domain management, open-source e-business software range such as Magento and Prestashop, etc. Trainees will learn the ability to quickly set up a localhost and cloud online store in Magento and Prestashop. In order to enable trainees to learn about the dynamics of the global e-commerce marketplace, various payment mechanisms that prevail locally and internationally will be discussed at length. Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, trainees will be able to learn how to optimize the online store. From the point of view of implementation, Facebook Ads, AdWords, and AdSense will be discussed in reaching clients for revenue generation. AdSense will allow trainees to start earning by creating a blog and using the techniques of traffic generation to increase earnings at no cost.

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