Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is made in order to safeguard the personal information given by users who are directly or indirectly associated with our website. We have set firm guidelines regarding the collection, use and disclosure of the personal data we of our users. Whenever a personal information is provided, there is well-defined Privacy Policy that takes care of it. This is because we respect your privacy and ensure full protection of every information that you share with us.

Disclosure of Personal Data

We make sure not to disclose, leak or transfer any personal data of our users to other websites, unless asked legally by the court of law. But some of your personal information maybe shared to our partners, so they can exclusively fulfil your needs and requirements and provide you better services.

Cookie Policy

We do not save any cookies on our sites. Cookies are the files saved in your computer for further ease of using the website if logged in again. In any case if you wish to decline the Cookie Policy on your browser, you will not be affected in using the website regardless.
Cookies are further used to gather data on how you communicate with our site and allow us to remember your and your requirements. We utilize this data so as to improve and customize your browsing experience and for analytics and measurements about our visitors.
However, if you decline the Cookie acceptance, your data will not be saved and the next time you visit our website, it will be as new as you first visited and we will have no information about you or your requirements.